Heather gets penetrated on her ass hole

She’s not really the nice and sweet girl you think she is. Once Dixie rips into her butthole and cunt, Heather turns into a real sex freak who asks for more!


Horny and sexy blonde Heather gets penetrated on her ass hole

Babe gets brutally banged in her ass and gets cumshots

Alicia looks innocent but she’s got the heart and pussy of a whore, only she doesn’t know it yet. The solution? Let camp counselor Dixie Diddle get this slut out of the closet!

After priming her with a salvo of supersized dildos, Dixie commences Alicia’s training with a pair of well-hung studs both meant to put our rookie through her paces. Can this noob handle it?

117.jpg 216.jpg 316.jpg

Watch Alicia get down on the camp grounds with her pussy and asshole stretched further than she thinks she could take. With Dixie cheering her on, it won’t be long before she blooms into a full-blown ho!

Madison Young is fucked with huge sextoys and hard cock

Maddie’s one of the popular girls in Dixie’s ‘hood, and when she gets her ass into Camp Brown Eye, Dixie makes sure that asshole hangs open when she’s done with the bitch!

Armed with a ginormous double dildo, a strap-on, and a horny hunk, Dixie attacks Madison’s fuckholes with a wild vengeance that leaves the camper panting and begging for mercy.

116.jpg 215.jpg 315.jpg

But Dixie and her stud are already having way too much fun to stop! Soon Madison stops begging and actually begins to cum from getting pounded way too hard. Hell, real bitches like her deserve it!

Heather Gabbles sucks cock and gets her ass plugged

Sweet Heather had no idea what she had gotten herself into the day she signed up for Camp Brown Eye. Tough for her that counselor Dixie would be personally training her!

Well, Dixie was in a rather bitchy mood (like she’d be in any other mood, LOL) and thought that Heather could clean up her goody-two-shoes act with a huge cock-traption and a big-dicked stud to ream her clean.

115.jpg 214.jpg 314.jpg

Dixie was right: by shoving Heather to the limit with an extra-rough and dirty double-dicking, she’d quickly turn into a real tramp. It’s amazing what a few massive dongs could do to totally change a girl!

Dirty whore gets tight ass and pussy ruthlessly fucked

Hot Asian Keanni’s about to get not just three but FIVE of her holes opened up by the bitchiest camp counselor on earth, Dixie Diddle. Those extra two holes are her tiny, slitty eyes, LOL!

We all know that Keanni’s no innocent virgin — she’s already got her tight ass humped a lot around the city. But when she gets into Camp Brown Eye, all of her fucking experience gets kicked several notches up the scale!

114.jpg 213.jpg 313.jpg

With the craziest facial, ass and cuntal abuse, we almost thought Keanni wouldn’t be able to take it. But she did, and after she swam in globs of thick, hot cum, she left the place one sore and happy camper!

Jennifer takes two huge cocks in her ass and pussy

Lovely Jennifer’s shy at first, but Dixie won’t have any of that shit! Here she shows her shocked trainee what really happens to fake-ass ‘shy’ girls who’re really sluts at heart.

With the help of two old dick dudes, Dixie treats Jennifer like the fuckmeat that she really is. Her pussy and butthole get tenderized under all the cock and dildo assault Dixie dishes out.

112.jpg 211.jpg 311.jpg

Surprisingly, Jen takes all the abuse like a real trouper. That only means one thing: Dixie was right, and she’ll walk out of the camp craving for more and more cock, which she does!

Katja gets her ass stretched open and swallows jizz

European sexpot Katja’s one sassy little ho that needed to be taught a lesson: nobody out-bitches camp counselor Dixie Diddle! And whatever Dixie teaches, no one ever forgets!

For starters, Dixie shoves a number of objects into Katja’s dumb pie-hole to shut her up. Then Katja’s pussy gets prepped up with a handful of big-ass dildos for the main event.

111.jpg 210.jpg 310.jpg

Finally, Katja’s hot pussy and poop-chute get stuffed with real manmeat, making her scream. Now THIS is the time when she shouldn’t shut up, and Dixie makes sure that she doesn’t!

Tobi Pacific gets shagged so hard in her tight fuckhole

Tobi’s a bimbo who doesn’t take counselor Dixie’s orders seriously. So as punishment, Dixie subjects Tobi to a serious pussy-beating session that’ll make her cry ‘uncle’!

Here, Dixie and her logboy plays with Tobi like she’s nothing more than a fuck-doll. Oh wait — she really IS nothing more than a fuck-doll, and so she gets the shit fucked out of her twat and bunghole.

110.jpg 29.jpg 39.jpg

Amazingly, Tobi stands up to her punishment and even enjoys it! That just shows how good Dixie is: you mess with her and you’ll end up loving it when she messes back with you!

Jamie Elle gets her holes brutally fucked by huge dong

Jamie’s a California beach bunny who wanted to see how bitchy she can get. Well, she came to the right place! With counselor Dixie around, she’ll learn everything she needs to graduate as a bitch-on-wheels!

Because she’s so willing to learn, her instructor goes a little easy on her. Well, a little. Her face, cunt and ass get opened up with a humongous dildo, then they take a hard pounding from one of Dixie’s studs.

19.jpg 28.jpg 38.jpg

But Jamie proves that she can handle all that wild fucking, and in no time she’s lapping up all her stud’s jizz. This gets her out of camp with flying colors… and a swollen pussy!

Nasty Lorallie gets her holes jammed by dong and dildo

Dumb blonde Loralie thinks she can have any guy that she wants just like that, and Dixie shows her that there’s more to fucking than just getting stuffed with the nearest available cockmeat!

First, Dixie hooks up her trainee’s holes to all her dildos and electronic sex toys. And as soon as the motors get runnin’, the noob starts cummin’! But there’s more in store for her here.

18.jpg 27.jpg 37.jpg

Afterwards, Loralie takes a massive dick up her fuck-tunnel, and she cums again when Dixie bones her with a dildo. All this pounding’s just gonna make Loralie even sluttier than she already is — and that’s a good sign!

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